Our pieces express the elegance and playfulness of modern femininity. Our signature stunning colour combinations, embroidery and hand painted flowers flow across silhouettes with contemporary and classic cuts. The theme that has unified our work for over 3 decades - the earths natural beauty, the joyful colours of Africa and the radiance we see in women from across the street and around the world.

DDL has always seen the need to create beautiful light easy clothing, we feel our lives are complicated enough. The last thing we need is to complicate our wardrobes as well. Our collections give women one less thing to worry about. Our philosophy is;  With the right clothes a woman can accomplish anything.

The question we asked ourselves when designing this collection is “how will it make our client feel?” Through this collection we wanted to elevate fashion into a more internal vehicle. It’s no longer about impressing outwardly but rather an internal process. It’s about our health, comfort,  and happiness and that of our planet.

The collection is made up of timeless, intentional pieces that all work together to create an easy yet versatile wardrobe. These clothes are made for real women who have real experiences. We’ve based this collection on an attitude and lifestyle not just on trends and fashion. It’s very important for us to see our fashion worn on the streets and every time of the day and every season of the year. This collection is meant to be worn and often.

Easy light and chic, an aesthetic the brand has been perfecting over the years.

Provocative prints with a story behind each one. Hand designed and limited quantities set this collection apart.