As far back Deepa can remember fashion has been her passion. Her very first memory is spending her entire piano classes discussing fashion with her teacher mr Miani, much to the dismay of her father! At the age of thirteen she got a sewing machine for her birthday and from then on knew exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Her parents were pivotal in her quest to study fashion and work in fashion. Their support was truly the backbone Deepa needed in order to full fill her life long dream of creating a burgeoning fashion industry in her homeland Kenya. After completing fashion college in Montreal  Deepa returned to Kenya and immediately set out to start her fashion brand Vabene couture in the early 90’s. In 2013 Deepa opened her first boutique in Nairobi and rebranded her label to Deepa Dosaja.

She has firmly established herself as a leading fashion designer in Kenya and been recognized internationally by various establishments.

Through her designs and company Deepa strives to celebrate and empower women. Deepa has created a business that honours her soul through the creation of beautiful, clean and consciously produced clothes.

Deepa has spoken on several forums about the impact fashion has Both on the environment and the people who produce the clothing. Her deep passion for the environment and the people who inhabit it is reflected through the fact that she has never used synthetic fabrics throughout her fashion career and in any of her collections, and honours her team as the heart beat of her company.

She believes sustainability through fashion can only be created by keeping as many of the processes in fashion hand and not machine. She is passionate about growing the Artisanal class in Kenya and throughout Africa.