"The Deepa Dosaja brand is perfect for us working women: dressed in Deepa Dosaja, you are always the most fashionable person in the room & well-dressed for every occasion. The pieces fit into your carry-on luggage without any efforts and they are easy to care for. The stretch silk makes you feel comfortable all day long and the natural materials don't add further stress to the environment!" - Dr. Tanja Chopra, client of 7+ years 



"The Deepa Dosaja brand and I go back over 25 years. The clothes make you look professional and well put together without the cookie-cuter 'career woman' look. They fit your body, look good and are comfortable, leaving you to get on with the business of life. The clothes have a soul. They are handmade and her staff are fairly paid and work in a good, safe environment.  The clothes make you feel good about yourself. And when you do, beautiful things happen in your life." - Daisy Ouya, client of 25+ years 




"Working with Deepa Dosaja is a pleasure. The brands passion for craft is evident in their creations. I feel clad in spirit and power every time I wear their clothing." -Sheetal Shah, client of 2+ years.                                                                                 






"All of the Deepa Dosaja clothes are designed with an eye on what brings out each woman’s unique femininity, with fabrics that are a pleasure to wear and practical to use. My greatest indulgence and pleasure is to buy a Deepa dress, when I want to give myself a treat or to plan for a special occasion. Being able to travel for two weeks with an entire wardrobe folded into my hand luggage has been an unexpected benefit – as have the friendships that have been forged at the atelier with other women who are as devoted to the brands designs as I am." - Shamini Jayanathan, client of 7+ years



"What does the brand mean to me?
Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Red – all the colors of the rainbow – sometimes playfully running into each other, through each other, after each other.
Signature prints, block color, – in all combinations. Flowers – sometimes printed, sometimes as applications - Fish scale sequins, - Fur made of Silk and much more…
Silk, Linen, Wool, Cotton, Bamboo, Viscose– thin, heavy, stretch, regular… Shifts, A-Line, Wraps, Gowns, Trousers, Coats…
Love of Fashion, Attention to Detail, Respect for Natural Fabric, Experience of many years and dressing women of all ages and from all corners of the world….
These are some of the ingredients that are part of the Look and Feel of Deepa Dosaja. Easy to wear – all year round – beyond fashion!" - Veronique Su, client of 13+ years



"Deepa's are the kind of clothes that can take you anywhere. Her designs mix elegance with fun, classic with on trend fashion. The fabrics are versatile, comfortable,  great for travel and, of course, sustainable. Whether it's work, play or evening, the brand is my go to for beautiful clothing." - Geanne Finestone, client of 7+ years